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K.i.d.s. Stuff

The Mostly, Probably, True Adventures of the Kids Imaginary Defense Squad

It was almost a movie!
Now it's an award winning book!
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My Story

I am a believer in the power of story. Stories teach. They entertain. They inspire. I've long been driven to create stories of my own, to do my small part to contribute to the great narrative humans have been creating since before the written word.

My focus has long been screenwriting, but in my most recent project, K.I.D.S. Stuff: The Mostly, Probably True Adventures of the Kids Imaginary Defense Squad, I decided to tackle a new medium - the novel. Specifically, I wrote a middle-grade action/adventure novel, in the hopes that I might be able to tell a story that can help kids learn to face their fears and embrace the changes that life brings along. I look forward to seeing where this adventure takes me, and to what the next one will bring.

My works



Kids' Stuff: The Mostly, Probably, True Adventures of the Kids Imaginary Defense Squad (LitPick Top Choice Book Review Award)


The Good Tyrant (In Progress)

Short Stories

Keep Calm and Carry On


The Nefarious Wizzlewump


Of Baubles and Brass and Blasphemy



Summer Project


Kids' Stuff (semifinalist - Story Pros 4th Annual

              Screenplay Competition)


Dare to Dry


The Fat Man Runs


Rednecks vs. Aliens (In Progress)


The Kayfabe Conspiracy (In Progress)


Spare (Jury Prize, Sacramento 10x10 Film Festival)


Drain Desert Tanner (Critic's Choice Award

              Cannes Film Festival;Best Picture Los

              Angeles 48 Hour Film Festival)


My Books
Word of Mouth

There was a perfect amount of seriousness included with the silliness. I’ve read many, many books (anyone that knows me will say that it’s true) and this one is probably one of my favorites


Age 11

Next Event
Baltimore Book Festival
Baltimore Book Festival
Nov 01, 2019, 12:00 PM – Nov 03, 2019, 10:00 PM
Inner Harbor,
Inner Harbor, Baltimore, MD, USA
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